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Clinical Pharmacist vs Hospital Pharmacist

Difference Between Hospital Pharmacist and Clinical Pharmacist

Hospital Pharmacist

1. Hospital pharmacist is a health care professional, who can choose, prepare, store, compound, and dispense medicines and medical devices.

2. The aim of a hospital pharmacist is safe, effective and efficient use of medicine.

3. A hospital pharmacist need to ensure 7 “rights” are respected: right patient, right dose, right route, right time, right drug with the right information and right documentation.

4. A hospital pharmacist is product oriented

5. Major job responsibilities of a hospital pharmacist include:

  • Preparing and compounding prescription medications
  • Providing drug information to medical staff or junior colleague
  • Ensuring the prescribed medication is safe for the patient
  • Ensuring proper storage condition of medicines
  • Monitoring and maintaining inventory 
  • Filling out paperwork

Clinical Pharmacist

1. Clinical pharmacist is a health care professional, who is more concern about the ways of administration, patterns of use and drugs effects on the patients.

2. A clinical pharmacist aim to develop and promote the rational and appropriate use of medicinal products and devices. 

3. A clinical pharmacist is patient oriented

4. Major job responsibilities of a clinical pharmacist include:

  • Evaluating the untreated health issues of patients
  • Performing medical tests on patients
  • Monitor real time health condition of patients
  • Analyze and co-relate the clinical data
  • Ensuring patients receive the correct medications at right time
  • Advising patients about health-related matters
  • Tracking the health progress of patients

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