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Pharmaceutical Marketing Job Interview Questions

Marketing is a more challenging and progressive carer in pharma sector. As a marketer a pharmacist or medical representative should have sound knowledge on the product and they should be smart to approach the product. Here we try to mention few common questions faced by a pharmaceutical marketing job seekers.

Q. Please introduce yourself?

This is the first questions for most of the cases. Here you should be smartly represent your personal details, family details, educational background and your career journey and interest.

Q. Why do you choose your career in pharmaceutical marketing?

You can answer them your interest and strength on pharmaceutical marketing. And if you will get this job then you can learn a lot and will be a challenging person. You can also praise them about the company.

Q. How to market a pharmaceutical products?

Pharmaceutical products should be marketed with following drug regulations of the country and sound knowledge on the product (includes- indication, advantage, precautions, side effects etc.).

Q. Do you know about our products?

This question answer always to be yes. And it is to be your preliminary study before the viva.

Q. Tell us about your strength and weakness?

This is a most common question for a marketer. So answer is to be ready. Try to say more strength and less weakness.

 Q. Why should we select you?

For pharmaceutical marketing or medical representative job interview, you should tell them about your pharmacology knowledge, your professional skill and if you have any job experience.

Q. Are you comfortable to frequent travel for this job?

This also a common question for a pharmaceutical marketer. And the answer always to be Yes!

Q. Please tell us about your expectation?

Generally this question for experienced person only. And the reply is critical also. So the expected calculation should be completed before enter the interview room.

Q. Do you have any query or question for us?

This question may be last question for a candidate and the answer should be Yes. Here you can ask  details about job responsibilities, vision & mision of the company, working shift etc.

Few more questions like to be -

  • How would you look for new prospects of pharma sector?
  • Present us how you will approach your product to a doctor?
  • How do you feel about making sudden calls and sudden visits? 
  • Explain how do you deal with rejection?
  • What are your expectations on pharmaceutical marketing department?
  • Do you have any strategies for pharmaceutical marketing?
  • In your opinion, how important is research in this job?
  • Sell me this medical device?

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