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Difference Between GMP and GLP

GMP stands for Good Manfufacturing Practice and GLP stands for Good Laboratory Practice. Though both are ensuring the quality of  pharmaceutical products they have also few differences. 


  • GMP covers whole manufacturing facility.
  • GLP covers only quality control laboratory. 

  • Good Laboratory Practices is applied for laboratory studies.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices is applied for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

  • GMP need to follow cleanroom specification.
  • GLP no need to follow cleanroom specification.

  • GMP includes whole facility including facility, manufacturing, packaging, testing and batch release.
  • GLP includes only testing laboratory.

  • For GLP LIR is initiated for any incidence.
  • For GMP QIR is initiated for any incidence.

As discussed, GMP and GLP both are essential for pharmaceutical product quality. Where GMP covers the whole manufacturing process of product but GLP covers only testing laboratory.

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