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Difference Between LOD and Water Content

LOD and Water content are two important parameters for pharmaceutical raw materials. The stability of a material depends on its LOD and Water content.

LOD vs. Water Content

  • Water content is determined by the Karl Fischer titration method. 
  • Loss on drying (LOD) is determined by heating the sample below its melting point in an oven.

  • Water content consists of only water i.e moisture content. 
  • LOD includes all volatile matter including water content and solvents.

  • LOD is generally higher than water content.

Difference Between Water Content and Moisture Content

  • Water content refers to wet basis.
  • Moisture content refers to a dry basis. 

  • Water content measured by = (total weight - dry weight)/total weight.
  • Moisture content measured by = (total weight - dry weight)/dry weight.

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