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Edging and Chipping | Tablet Problems and Remedies


Edging is a tablet defect in which sharp edges appear on the final compressed tablet. This type of tablet defect also known as collaring of tablet.


  • High moisture content in granules
  • Waxy or elastic nature of API or excipients in formulation
  • Higher compression pressure
  • Poor punch design or improper selection of punch


  • Proper milling and drying
  • Compression pressure adjustment
  • Proper design of punch


Chipping is a tablet defect in which breaking of tablet edges during compression process or subsequent handling and coating.


  • Insufficient binder
  • Too dry granules
  • Improper punch setting
  • Rough surface of punches and dies


  • Sufficient binder
  • Moisten the granules
  • Proper punch setting
  • Right choice of tooling (punches and dies)

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