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Points to be Considered when Purchasing Tablet Dies and Punches

By systematically considering the below factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing tablet dies and punches from a vendor.

1. Vendor Reputation and experience

 - Research the vendor's reputation and reliability.

 - Check how long is the company supplying Tablet Dies and Punches to pharma industry(experience).


2. Manufacturing Capacity

 - Assess the vendor's manufacturing capacity by examining their production plant and machinery. This can give insights into their ability to meet your bulk requirements and maintain consistent quality standards.

3. Compatibility

 - Ensure the dies and punches are compatible with your tablet press machine model.

4. Material Quality

 - Verify the material(M.O.C Certificate) used for dies and punches to ensure durability and longevity.

5. Customization Options

 - Inquire about customization options to meet specific tablet design requirements.

6. Pricing and Payment Terms

 - Understand the pricing structure and ensure it aligns with your budget.

 - Clarify payment terms, including any upfront deposits.

7. After-Sales Support

 - Inquire about the vendor's after-sales support, including troubleshooting and maintenance assistance.

8. Delivery Time

 - Confirm the expected delivery time to plan for production schedules.

9. Documentation

 - Ensure the vendor provides detailed documentation, including specifications and usage guidelines.

10. Regulatory Compliance

 - Check if the dies and punches meet regulatory standards for pharmaceutical use.

11. Communication

 - Evaluate the vendor's communication responsiveness and clarity.

12. Packaging

 - Inquire about the packaging to prevent damage during transit.

13. Track Record

 - Check if the vendor has a track record of supplying quality products to similar industries.

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Resource Person: Eshaan Durrani

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