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Concept of Maximum Daily Intake (MDI) in the Context of the Inactive Ingredient Database


Imagine you are a pharmaceutical company developing a new oral tablet medication. You want to include an inactive ingredient, "Excipient X," in your formulation. You're interested in ensuring that the level of Excipient X you plan to use in your product is safe for patients when considering their maximum daily intake.

Here's how the IID and MDI come into play:

1. Checking the IID
  •  You consult the IID to see if Excipient X is listed and if there are any recommended or typical levels of this excipient used in similar oral tablet medications.
  • Let's say you find that Excipient X is listed, and the IID indicates that it is commonly used in oral tablets at a potency of 10 milligrams per tablet.

2. Determining Maximum Daily Intake (MDI)
  •  To calculate the MDI, you need to consider how your patients will use your medication. If the recommended dose for your medication is one tablet per day, then the MDI for Excipient X would be 10 milligrams (10 mg), as that's the amount contained in a single tablet.

3. Safety Assessment
  •  You compare the calculated MDI of 10 mg to any established safety guidelines or regulatory limits for Excipient X.
  • If the MDI of 10 mg falls below established safety thresholds (for example, if regulatory guidelines state that up to 20 mg per day is safe), you can confidently include Excipient X in your formulation at that level without significant additional documentation or safety concerns.

4. Regulatory Submission
  •  When submitting your drug application to the FDA, you can reference the IID and the established safe use of Excipient X as per your MDI calculations.
  • This information helps demonstrate that you have considered the safety of your formulation's inactive ingredients based on established industry practices and data available in the IID.

The IID serves as a valuable resource for determining the typical use of an excipient in similar drug products. By calculating the MDI based on the IID information, you can ensure that your formulation complies with safety standards and regulatory requirements. If the MDI is within acceptable limits, it can simplify the regulatory process for your new drug product.

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