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Pharmaceutical Formulation: The Science and Technology of Dosage Forms

Editor: Geoffrey D Tovey

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018

Pharmaceutical formulation is a key step in the drug development process, where the active drug is combined with other substances that maximize the therapeutic potential, safety and stability of the final medicinal product.

This book provides an up to date source of information for all who wish to understand the principles and practice of formulation in the drug industry. It’s also provides an understanding of the links between formulation theory and the practicalities of processing in a commercial environment, giving researchers the knowledge to produce effective pharmaceutical products that can be approved and manufactured.

Table of Content

This book contains a detail information of scientific and practical knowledge on below topics - 

Chapter-1: Preformulation Study

Chapter-2: Hard Capsules

Chapter-3: Soft Capsules

Chapter-4: Tablet Formulation

Chapter-5: Suspension Quality by Design

Chapter-6: Excipients

Chapter-7: Film Coating of Tablets

Chapter-8: Oral Controlled Release Technology and Development Strategy

Chapter-9: Less Common Dosage Form

Chapter-10: Paediatric Pharmaceutics

Chapter-11: The formulation of Biological Products

Chapter-12: Intellectual Property

Chapter-13: User Friendly Medicines

Subject Index

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