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Human error in Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Human error in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is defined as an individual's activity or decision that results in an unanticipated event or outcome. Rather than being the result of a technical or mechanical breakdown, it is an error or malfunction that can be linked to human behaviour. Human mistake may occur in:

1. Errors: Wrong choices or behaviours. 

2. Lapses: Missed or forgotten actions. 

3. Slips: Inadvertent behaviours or unexpected outcomes. 

4. Violations: Willful departures from policies or guidelines. 

Human mistake is regarded as a symptom in root cause analysis (RCA), not the primary cause. The objective is to carry out additional research to determine the underlying causes of the human error.

But the main question is that: Is the "Human Error" is the Valid Root cause? we need to think beyond that , It is a sign or consequence of more serious issues. Asking "why" and going deeper will help you identify the underlying systemic or process-related problems that caused the human error. This method aids in locating the underlying, fundamental causes, which are frequently connected to: 

- Methods or techniques 

- Education or experience

- Interaction 

- Materials or assistance 

- Company culture

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Resource Person: Dr.Umar Ali

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