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Difference Between CMC and QOS

The Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) section and the Quality Overall Summary (QOS) section of a dossier serve distinct yet complementary purposes in conveying the quality attributes of a medicinal product.

The CMC section is an exhaustive compilation of intricate technical details pertaining to the manufacturing process, encompassing the chemical and physical properties of both the drug substance and the final drug product. It meticulously delineates the manufacturing procedures, including specifications for raw materials, intermediates, and the finished product. Moreover, it elaborates on the analytical methods employed for rigorous testing, stability data illustrating the product's shelf-life, and comprehensive information concerning packaging and labeling.

Conversely, the Quality Overall Summary (QOS) section encapsulates a condensed overview of the critical quality attributes and overarching manufacturing processes delineated in the CMC section. It serves as a synopsis, distilling the key quality aspects into a succinct format suitable for regulatory authorities and reviewers. Additionally, the QOS section furnishes a summary of the quality risk management activities undertaken, deviations from established procedures, and an overarching assessment of the data's integrity and conformity to regulatory standards.

In essence, while the CMC section delves deeply into the technical intricacies of manufacturing and quality control, the QOS section offers a streamlined narrative, facilitating regulatory comprehension and decision-making. Both sections are indispensable components of a dossier, jointly substantiating the quality, safety, and efficacy of the medicinal product under review.

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