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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Excipient Companies

Pharmaceutical excipient is an inactive substance that serves as the vehicle or medium for a drug or other active substance. The excipients companies are manufacturing these pharmaceutical excipients and related products. 

The ranking of these companies can vary depending on different criteria, such as market share, product range, and regional presence. Here are top ten excipient companies:

Ashland Inc.: Ashland is a global leader in specialty chemicals, including pharmaceutical excipients.

BASF: BASF offers a wide range of excipients and ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.

DuPont: provides a variety of excipients and materials for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Roquette: Roquette is a French company that specializes in plant-based excipients and ingredients for pharmaceuticals.

Evonik: Evonik is a global specialty chemical company known for its range of pharmaceutical excipients.

Colorcon: Colorcon is a leading supplier of film coatings, modified release technologies, and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical industry.

DMV Fonterra: DMV Fonterra offers a range of excipients and additives for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.

Kerry Group: Kerry's excipient division provides solutions for pharmaceutical and nutritional products.

Innophos: Innophos offers a variety of specialty ingredients and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry.

JRS Pharma: JRS Pharma specializes in innovative excipients and functional materials for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

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