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eCTD Software Tools for Electronic Submissions

The following are some eCTD software tools that can help you with your electronic submissions:


A cloud-based eCTD tool that supports diverse range of submission templates and formats required by the health authorities worldwide.

LORENZ docuBridge

An advanced eCTD publishing tool that can also handle other regulatory submission formats such as (V)NeeS, HTML, PDF and paper.

MasterControl eCTD

A submission management system that provides document templates, preconfigured document types, and collaboration functionality for eCTD submissions.

There are also few well known ectd software tools:

  • eCTDmanager EXTEDO
  • Educe solution
  • Navitas life sciences pharmaREADY ectd
  • Mono ectd office

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Resource Person: Islam Gabbad

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