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Best Practices for Implementing Operational Excellence

At heart, Operational Excellence is an element of organizational ldership the employs numerous methodologies and tools, focusing on the sustainable improvement of outstanding performance metrics. 

Alongside this, Corporate culture is the collection of values, visions, missions, and day-to-day aspects of communication and operational goals that create the atmosphere that permeates and determines how employees work in their organization.

Without a company culture that promotes the behaviours and actions of Operational Excellence and Continuous improvement, an hashtag Operational ExcellenceProgram is unable to embed itself in the long-term across any organization.

Best practices for implementing operational excellence:

You can act on several levers, but two of them appear particularly relevant: the human and the processes.

Consider your employees

Involving all employees in the company and showing them that they are valuable are essential steps. Everyone can make a difference. 

Help everyone to excel

As a leader, you are responsible for providing energy and direction to achieve excellence.  Most of your employees want to do a good job, if not perfect!  Encourage them with kindness and be grateful for what they bring to the company. Be aware of what works and what doesn’t in order to explore new avenues of development.

Re-evaluate your processes

If you are not achieving your goals, whatever they may be, don’t necessarily blame it on one thing. Instead, find out which part of the process is the source of the malfunction. Then you can implement corrective actions to solve the problems. 

Adjustments are constantly necessary, as nothing is ever set in stone. The human factor of a production system will encourage you to vary the modes of operation.

Getting it right the first time

To do this properly, each step in the process must be done correctly. If an error occurs during the task, stop the execution immediately and rectify what needs to be rectified.

Connect the synergies

Encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between your teams. Clearly state the objectives to be achieved. 

Keeping track of  moving forward together

All attempts, even if unsuccessful, should be recorded to document collective learning.  What is not immediately usable may be usable in a few years. An idea is never lost. In addition, the deployment of some methods can be gradual.

Operational excellence through performance management is built up as it goes along. You will be able to implement lean, cost reduction, KPIs and dashboards.

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