Pharmacy Courses

Process to be Pharmacist in Australia

Steps to Get Registered in Australia/Newzealnd

1. Initial Assessment (Australian Pharmacy council will evaluate your documents). Documents included, PharmD Degree, Marks Sheet, Category & Passport. 

2. KAPS, After assessment you'll apply for KAPS Exam. You can sit three times in a year, March, July & November.

3. After Passing KAPS, You'll sit for Pearson Test for English (PTE) Exam. and apply for Provisional Registration 

4. After getting Provisional Registration you will apply for VISA, 491 (5 years lead to PR), 494(1 Year lead to PR), 190(PR), VISA Processing time varies from 2 to 30 months.

6. You have to complete 1800 hours or 1 year Internship which is paid.

7. After 7 months of Internship you'll sit for Oral Exam, Toughest exam ever.

8. After passing Oral exam, apply for Registration.


Are fresh graduates are eligible? 


As there is any worth of Pharmacist?

YES, 3rd highest paid country to Pharmacist after Switzerland & USA.

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