Top Pharma Companies in Pakistan

Due to the large population number and geographical location pakistan has a big pharma market. More than 500 pharmaceutical companies are running their operation in Pakistan. The Pharmaceutical industry contributes approximately 1% to the GDP of Pakistan annually. In this article we list out top 20 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan.

Top 20 Pharma Companies in Pakistan

1. GlaxoSimth Kline

2. Getz Pharma

3. Abbott Laboratories

4. Sami Pharma

5. Halton Pharma

6. Searle

7. Ferozsons

8. Pfizer

9. Bayer

10. Macter pharma

11. Martin Dow

12. Novartis

13. Sanofi

14. Bosch pharma

15. Merck & Co

16. Eli Lilly

17. Indus Pharma

18. Horizon Healthcare

19. Platinum Pharma

20. Reckitt Benckiser

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