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Top 20 Pharma Blogs and Websites in 2023

It’s important to keep up to date with the most recent inventions, developments and regulations in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

We have put together a collection of popular pharmaceutical websites, blogs, and forums to keep you up to date on everything in the pharmaceutical industry, from clinical trials to approvals for marketing and other important regulatory matters.

A List of Pharmaceutical Websites and Blogs


They are publishing different regulatory guidelines on Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Drug Product. They bring together regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical industry to discuss scientific and technical aspects of pharmaceutical product development and registration.


A nonprofit association serving its Members by leading scientific, technical, and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle.


They are publishing different regulatory guidelines for US market.


They are publishing different regulatory guidelines for EU market.


A global provider of science, technology, and regulatory information for the pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical communities.


They are publishing different regulatory guidelines for PIC/S market.

Pharma Calculation

They are sharing different calculation formula including - drug dose calculation, analytical calculation, dispensing calculation, and fitness calculation.

Pharma Specialists

Discuss on BCS classification database, maximum daily dose database, inactive ingredient database, regulatory guidelines, QbD, data integrity, ANDA, GMP audit checklist, interview Q&A.

LFA Tablet Presses

Discuss on tablet press, tablet problems and remedy, excipients, capsule filling, granulation, and coating.

Pharmacy Times

Discuss on current pharma trends and news. They also publish expert insights from the top thought leaders in medicine.

Pharma Guideline

Discuss on different regulatory guidelines related to pharmaceutical QA, QC, Production & R&D.


Discuss on APIs, Aseptic Processing, Biologic Drugs, Drug Delivery, Equipment, Excipients, Formulation, Packaging, Process Control/PAT, Process Development, QA/QC, Regulatory Action, Supply Chain.

Pharmaceutical Technology

Discuss on different pharmaceutical industries and technology.

European Pharmaceutical Review

Discuss on analytical techniques, drug delivery, formulation, manufacturing, packaging and labelling.

American Pharmaceutical Review

Discuss on bioprocessing, chromatography, drug delivery, excipients, formulation development, microbiology, spectroscopy.

Pharmaceutical Online

Discuss on different pharma topics, specially pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging.

Pharma Mirror

An online pharma magazine, discuss on different pharmaceutical and health topics. 

Pharma Tutor

An indian based pharmaceutical website, mainly focused on pharmaceutical job opportunity in India. They also discuss on different pharma topics related to job interview.

Pharma IQ

They are created for the pharmaceutical community to continue their conversations beyond events. They discuss on business developmen, pre-clinical & clinical trials, and regulatory/legal affairs in pharma field.

Contract Pharma

Discuss about global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. They are linking contract service providers and their pharma/biopharma sponsors. They also publish numerous articles on pharmaceutical development, QA, QC & regulatory requirements.

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