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How to be a Quality Auditor?

The Q is Quality stands for Questioning. As a good auditor, not only should you be asking the appropriate questions, you need to also have the right technique in asking questions.

These are 10 tips to be a quality auditor

  • Be clear why you are asking the question; what is it you are hoping to achieve?
  • Be prepared to explain why you are asking that question.
  • Be prepared to rephrase or expand a question if the initial answer you receive is not what you want.
  • Consider who you are speaking to and modify your vocabulary and tone of voice appropriately.
  • Use open questions (Kipling's six serving men - What, Why, When, How, Where and Who - and show me) to probe and establish facts.
  • Avoid asking leading questions, e.g. 'surely you do not do you?', or end up answering your own question!
  • Closed questions are useful for verifying e.g. 'So you completed the URS before starting the DQ?'
  • Ensure the auditee understands the question. Look out for blank or confused faces!
  • Ask the same question, or similar, to different people to check for consistency in response.
  • And remember the power of silence.

There also should include the Audit Plan, Audit Opening meeting, Audit Closing meeting Checklist and a detailed Audit Findings report.

Source: Sanjay N.

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