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Pharmaceutical Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians | Pharmacy Book Review


This text book is part of Lippincott Williams and Wikins’ pharmacy technician education series and is intended for use in an introductory pharmacy technician calculations course.

This unique book addresses not only calculations that technicians will encounter in retail, but also comprehensive and thoroughly practical reference for anyone working with mathematics in a healthcare setting and areas where a pharmacy technician might be called upon more frequently because of the shortage of pharmacy professionals. 

This text utilizes a casual, reader-friendly writing style and an easy-to-understand ratio-proportion method of problem solving. The latest addition to the new LWW Pharmacy Technician Education Series, this comprehensive text allows student to quickly master calculations form the most basic to the most complex.

Table of Contents of Pharmacy Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians

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  1. Hello,how can i get English translation of this book?

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