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How to Measure The Customer Satisfaction | ISO 9001: 2015

Customer Satisfaction within ISO ensures that products and services are up to the correct quality standards for customers. 

Satisfaction is monitored, documented, reviewed and analyzed in order to take corrective action in the event that customer requirements are not being met.

The purpose of the Customer Satisfaction procedure is to describe the methods for measuring, monitoring and interpreting customer feedback to determine whether the organization is meeting customer requirements.

Customer satisfaction is important for companies on any level and in any industry, for the simple reason that customers keep cash flowing through a business.

ISO 9001 provides specific guidelines on how to uphold these standards to keep satisfying customers and improving the inner workings of the business on a regular basis.

The list below will give you a good idea of what the customer satisfaction process should look like in a company.

- Identify what indicates customer satisfaction

- Estimate start and completion date

- Find a method of collecting customer data

- Document data correctly

- Frequently review documented data

- Create solutions for improving customer satisfaction

- Clearly define responsibility

- Devise a plan for following up with customer satisfaction

How to Monitor Customer Satisfaction

- Customer satisfaction surveys

- Reviewing customer data

- Monitoring customer data trends

- Handling complaints correctly

What to Document - Customer Satisfaction

- Undertake surveys (including online)

- Customer feedback forms

- Review customer data

 - Solutions for returns and warranty claims

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