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Different Shape and Size of Tablet

Tablet is a most common pharmaceutical dosage form. All of the pharmaceutical industries firstly choice this dosage form. So it's important to know about common tablet shape and sizes.

There are a lot of tablet shape available depending on the customer choice and easy to understand. For example - Round, Oblong, Caplet, Oval, Triangle, Heart shape etc. Here we attached a list of common tablet shapes -

On the other hand tablet size depend on the tablet weight. A low weight tablet size will be small and a high weight tablet size will be large. Depending on the tablet weight different punch is select for different tablet. For example, a 120 mg tablet can be compressed with 7.0 mm round punch, where a 1000 mg tablet may neeed 18*8 or 19*10 mm punch. So tablet size fully depends on tablet weight.

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