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Online BCS Classification Database

Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) Database means containing BCS information for some of the drugs issued by WHO and FDA. This information is important for new dosage form design and target organ drug development.

It's also important for BCS-based biowaivers application, which are applicable to drug products where the drug substance or substances exhibit high solubility and, either high permeability (BCS Class I) or low permeability (BCS Class III) and the drug substance(s) in test and reference products to be identical.

From this aspect every pharmaceutical scientist search about BCS class of the drug prior to the development work start. So, a reliable online BCS database is required for our development pharmacists. We try to enlisted available BCS classification of drugs from reliable online sources including who BCS classification -

The ICH multidisciplinary guideline (ICH M9) is proposed to address biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS)-based biowaivers. This guideline will provide recommendations to support the biopharmaceutics classification of medicinal products and will provide recommendations to support the waiver of bioequivalence studies. This will result in the harmonization of current regional guidelines/guidance and support streamlined global drug development.

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