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Most Commonly Abused OTC Drugs

What are OTC Drugs?

OTC drugs or over-the-counter drugs refer to the drugs that are available without prescription. It’s also called non prescription medicines.

Common OTC Drugs

Generally the list of OTC drugs varies country to country depending on the common diseases of the region and regulatory body guidance. However most common OTC drugs are Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Cough suppressants and Antihistamines.

How to Use OTC Drugs

OTC drugs are nonprescription drugs. But it is safe to taken with the advice of doctors or pharmacist. This medication is generally taken for very common  and minor disease with less potent and safe drugs.

How to Abuse OTC Drugs

Generally OTC drugs are less potent and safe but sometimes these drugs show various health risk including kidney failure, heart problems, even death. Abusing OTC drugs sometimes lead to addiction also. Unnecessary drugs taken and misinformation of drugs mainly responsible for OTC drugs abuse.

Commonly Abused OTC Drugs

Commonly abused OTC medications include: Pain killer and Cough medicines. Nowadays these drugs taken by young generation for making nonsense and reliving pain.

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